Tuesday, April 9, 2013

All about trademarks.

I have written about trademarks in a number of previous posts. For reference, here they are:

- Introduction to trademarks.
- Introduction to trademarks, part 2.
- On deceptive and deceptively misdescriptive trade names.
- Deceptive and deceptively misdescriptive marks clarified.
- More clarification on deceptive and deceptively misdescriptive trademarks.
- On primarily geographically misdescriptive trade names.
- Secondary meaning in trademarks.
- The conflict between U.S. trademark law and NCAA rules: The "Johnny Football" scenario.
- On trademark infringement.
- The importance of conducting trademark searches.
- Surprisingly, the rapper "Pope Emeritus" has virtually no chance in a trademark infringement suit against Benedict XVI.
- The "Redskins" mark should not be entitled to federal trademark protection.
- More on "Redskins" trademark cancellation proceeding.
- Do you need copyright, patent or trademark protection?
- Is your company's trade name federally registered by someone else?
- A good IP Awareness Assessment for businesses and entrepreneurs.
- Trademark FAQs (from USPTO).
- Trademarks vs. Antitrust.
- A trademark dispute in Cornhusker country.

The USPTO also has a good link for trademark basics, which can be found here.

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